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    Some of the best things in life are freeing.

    Some of you refuse to write the way I refuse to do my own taxes or fix pretty much anything. I'm so thankful for those of you who will do the taxes and the projects! If you can't fathom having the time or the desire to write about your business, then we both know why you are here. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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    Because you have a business to run.

    It's time to get excited about SOCIAL MEDIA and CONTENT MARKETING. Why? Because it matters to your clients, prospective clients, social media followers, stakeholders, employees, board of directors and Google. What you have to say and how you say it can be the difference between you defining your own brand and someone else doing it for you.


    The freeing part for you (because we both get something out of this, and because you have a business to run) is that you don't have to manage it; you have me for that.




    ■ Blog Writing (Ghostwriting)

    ■ Content Strategy & Management

    ■ Copywriting (Web and Print)

    ■ Digital Marketing (Inbound)

    ■ Email Marketing

    ■ Newsletter Collaboration and Writing

    ■ Social Media Marketing

    ■ WordPress and other CMS Work





  • “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

    Jeffrey Zeldman (Zappos)


    Don't bite off more than you can write. Have the best of both words. You keep your day job, and let me handle the rest!

    Health and fitness web and social marketing and blogging.

    CrossFit OC3

    Media Director

    Aug 2015 – Present

    Full social media marketing and strategy, PR, blogging and web copy.

    Photography web and social marketing.

    Lauren & Chris Studios

    Social Media & Web Consultant

    May 2016 – Present

    Social media consulting with a team approach!

    • Facebook
      • Supplemental posts
      • Post editing and follower engaging
      • Advising and collaborating
    • New website and rebrand consulting
    Restaurant web and social media marketing.

    Milltown Coffee

    Media Director

    June 2016 – August 2017

    Full social media marketing and strategy, blogging and web management, marketing collaboration.

    • Facebook
      • Grew Page likes by >10% in 13 month period (5.8K)
      • Increased engagement
    • Instagram
    • Website (WordPress)
      • Full web copywriting
      • Web maintenance
      • Blog writing (supplemental)
    • Marketing
      • Event collaboration and advertising
      • Ad copy and design collaboration
    Health and wellness web and social marketing.

    Serene Serendipity

    Copywriting, Email and Social Marketing

    August 2016 – Ongoing

    Social web, email, newsletter and event collaboration project (Aug. - Dec. 2016) with ongoing copyediting.

    • Newsletter writing and distributing (MailChimp)
    • Collaborating with owner on events
    • Web copy and editing (Weebly website)
    • Email marketing and editing
    • Graphic design
    • Social media: assist with posts, create unique hashtags; edit posts; social engaging

    Web Design Agency

    Ghost Blogging

    August 2016 – October 2016

    Home security and safety blog writing to fill a need while short-staffed.

    • Research and blog writing on various topics including: HVAC, home security, home and work safety
    • Submit assignments via Google Drive
    • Edit blogs as needed
    Car insurance SEO friendly web copy.


    Web Copywriting

    November 2016 – December 2016

    Car insurance copywriting.

    • SEO keyword research
    • Work with design and programming team to coordinate pages and page design in WordPress
    • Research state-specific laws and write in a reader-friendly, engaging fashion
    • Write and enter SEO-friendly content in CMS
    • Sample page
    Home and business security blog and web marketing and SEO.

    Per Mar Security Services

    Blogging & Web Copy

    December 2016 – Present

    Home and business security & safety blogging and copywriting.

    • Research and write on various topics including: home and business security, travel and personal safety
    • Write and edit blogs (NOTE: most, not all, blogs are authored by me; for a list of only my writing, head over to my portfolio)
    • Write SEO friendly web copy for two new websites
    • RESULTS: Web leads have doubled and engagement has increased significantly. 
    Political web and social marketing.

    Friends of Stephanie Acri

    Web & Social Strategy and Updates

    February 2017 – May 2017

    Run social campaign during mayoral candidacy.
    Result: Elected mayor with 72% of the votes!

    • Social engaging
    • Boost page likes
    • Craft relevant content
    • Keep web (Weebly) and social up-to-date
    • Create events
    • Developed "I Cleaned Moline" campaign to boost campaign support
    Environmental social and web marketing.

    Living Lands & Waters

    Web, Social, Content, Email Marketing, PR

    February 2017 – Present

    Work with office staff and barge crew to promote various events and river cleanups online.

    Elements of Design

    Collaborative Social Media

    May 2017 – September 2017

    Work with web designer on social media strategy and increasing engagement for a four-month period (May - Aug. 2017) with consulting.

    • Plan and manage social media strategy
    • Engage with and post to Facebook and Instagram profiles
    • Craft inspiring, engaging content
    • Research and utilize hashtags to gain exposure on Instagram
    About Festival of Trees

    Festival of Trees, Quad City Arts
    Collaborative Social Media with Creative Students

    November 2017

    Work with students from the Creative Arts Academy on the human interest side of FoT for a three week period.

    • Direct students on project ideas 
    • Plan and manage social media strategy
    • Collect and edit content (pictures, videos, interviews)
    • Craft inspiring, engaging content and post to Facebook Page
  • Portfolio

    Because sometimes, you have to read it to believe it.

    Blog Work

    Click here to see my blog work, organized by category.

    Web & Social Media

    Click on the hyperlinks listed under "Clients" for web and social sample work.


    Everyone has a story and, if you are curious enough, mine is yours for the reading!


    Seventeen years of sales and marketing have led me to LOVE the unexpected: WRITING. Why hadn't writing landed on my radar back when I was choosing a major? I can't say for sure, but I have two hunches: 1) My love/hate relationship with research papers (the hate part was my was-it-a-blessing-or-a-curse procrastination habit), and 2) Probably for the same reason most people aren't actually working in their major field of study right now. Plus, I genuinely thought I wanted to climb all the corporate ladders when I was young and green! This sentiment gives me a good laugh now, not because there is anything wrong with climbing corporate ladders but because those ladders are so far from my core).

    Hindsight > foresight.

    So, freelance writing as a "solo-preneur" it is. They say that some of the best things in life are free. Just for the record, freelancing isn't one of them! But it is freeing.


    By now, you've caught on that I have more than a crush on writing, but you may not know that I did a lot of exploring prior to landing here. I worked my way through high school and college, landing only jobs I really wanted, to my very grateful fortune.


    My first tax-paying job was as a bagger at a unionized grocery store, which meant I quickly made more than minimum wage, had paid vacation and company health insurance at 16 years young. In college, I landed a retail job and an office job, both of which would be useful later when I needed a business professional wardrobe and some experience to reference during job interviews in the real world.

    Those interviews led me to take some really awesome, lucrative opportunities after college. It was after my first sales job that I realized that my goal of getting into marketing would be on the backburner for a bit. Sales has a way of sucking you in. So, I went on to sell butt wipes, search engine optimization (SEO) services and IBM/Lenovo computers.

    Corporate B2B sales continued for something like 11 years. Cold calls aside, it was a lot of fun. The most lush was the limos and Ritz Carltons that came along with medical sales. The most fun had to be the Google-like SEO startup that encouraged scooter races and loud music, topping out at 300 employees before the feds shut the place down (I snuck in a visit to Google's HQ in Mountain View just prior). And, the most enlightening had to be the fortune 500 (enlightening for my soul, anyway).

    Not long after this exploratory phase, which included two 1,000 mile relocations, I made my way into marketing. Finally the career I'd set out for so many years ago, yet something didn't feel right here either. So, I learned as much as I could and met some really great people while I pondered what I really wanted to be when I grew up. The real question was: How soon could I get out of high heels and all other business professional attire?

    It was at my first agency (where jeans are allowed and encouraged) that I wrote my first blog. I immediately knew what had been missing all this time. Writing sales proposals and PowerPoint presentations just wasn't the same. Connecting with people via words and creativity, this was it. It was love at first blog and I knew there was no going back. I also now understood my love/hate relationship with research papers back in my college days.

    Eventually, the stars aligned and I became a freelance copywriter overnight. It was seemingly easy, not to say I didn't work hard and wasn't deserving - I had and I was. But having patience and trusting life was key for me to take the leap. Had I attempted to go full-time freelance any sooner, I'm not sure it would have worked out.


    See, due to the nature of my title, I was always first on the chopping block when it was time to downsize. And, there was a lot of downsizing during those formative years! So layoffs became commonplace and, being normally risk-averse, I may never have jumped into entrepreneurship but my experiences had taught me that everything is a risk, whether it appears that way or not.

    Over a year later, I'm ecstatic at and grateful the opportunity I've been served. I never thought I'd ditch the Sunday blues, happily work seven days a week and find fulfillment from the very thing that pays the bills. It's still a "job" some days, but one I can fully cherish thanks to the time I served up until now...and the freedom (and lack of a dress code) is priceless!

    If you've read this far and have any curiosity about working together, let's connect in one of the 74.6 ways available online, or, (gasp) in person!


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